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Through the years we’ve gathered a collection of our favorite entertaining and design ideas for life and home. These continue to evolve as trends change but we find quite often classic style and elegance never go out of fashion. Entertaining shouldn’t be stressful, so we share what we’ve learned (sometimes through trial and error!) and ideas that have been handed down through the generations.


Hydrangeas in the House!

Looking to buy flowers this weekend? Check out hydrangeas. They are gorgeous displayed with a single stem or in clusters making them an affordable option with a lot of impact. Now commonly available in most markets, hydrangeas can be found in a range of colors.

Keeping flowers fresh for more than a few days can be a challenge and make you think twice before spending the money. Here’s an easy trick I learned years ago. You’ll want to buy flowers as fresh as possible, which is sometimes hard to tell if they are wrapped up in cello packages. Look at the leaves. If they are fresh and green you’re off to a good start. Now here’s the trick – hot water. Start by filling a vase with hot water then cut the stems at an angle under hot running water. You’ll want to change the water every 2-3 days repeating this same process.

Cut any flower or greenery stem at an angle to allow water to be absorbed, but cut the stems of hydrangeas under hot running water.

With this trick you can typically get 10 days to two weeks enjoyment out of them.

Ten days and still looking gorgeous!


Company’s Coming!

Company’ comingĀ and with a few simple steps your guests will feel like they are at a five-star resort when they arrive at your home. These tips are easy and most items needed you’ll have on hand or will only take a few minutes of your time to prepare…your guests will love you for it!

Southern style is unique, but always warm and welcoming.


Start by arranging extra storage in a closet or dresser so clothing can be easily unpacked and stored during your guests’ visit. An ironing board and iron made easily accessible is also appreciated for a quick refresh after their journey.

Make the guest room inviting by providing magazines or sharing your favorite books you have on hand. Leave them on a nightstand for late night reading. An extra reading chair in the room also comes in handy for putting on one’s socks in the morning!

A tray with teas, sweeteners, spoons and napkins all ready for unwinding!
A tray with teas, sweeteners, spoons and napkins all ready for unwinding!






















Using a tray or basket you have on hand, fill with an assortment of teas and light snacks. Leave this on the guest bed waiting their arrival or on the counter in your kitchen. Keep the tea kettle out on the stovetop, place creams and sugar near the coffee maker. Jot down simple instructions in case your guests want to make a cup of coffee in the early morning hours before everyone else is up or late at night as they wind down for the day.

Tuck cotton balls, Q-tips and a scented candle on a tray and place on the counter in the guest bath. Include the often forgotten toiletries, an extra toothbrush, hair dryer and a clean robe to provide the spa treatment and a bit of pampering. Provide some dark towels and wash cloths to remove make-up so your guests don’t stress over staining your guest towels.

Bath tray

To wrap up the day, place some luscious chocolates on their pillows. Lindt, Godiva and Ferrero all make individually wrapped chocolates so they’re easy to keep on hand and always appreciated for sweet dreams!


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