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Who are we?

A mother-daughter duo, Donna and Emily bring you Preserving Good Stock after many, many utterances from our lips that “We should write a book,” and a great deal of harassment from friends and family to share our secrets and favorite recipes.

Donna, a native of a small, Texas-to-the-core town in the Texas Panhandle, is the product of great cooks on all sides of her family. After moving to Dallas in the 1980’s, she held two jobs to make ends meet as a single mom: one, an unforgiving sales job in commercial interiors, and the other, as a caterer and co-owner of a food business. When the hours and lifestyle competed too greatly to have a youngster, she left the food business for the corporate world. Fortunately, her passion for food never left her. Boasting a library of cookbooks that would put most universities’ to shame, she prepares beyond-gourmet meals whenever the chance was presented, and each holiday season creates much-anticipated gift baskets for friends and loved ones who make “the list.” From cooking for the ranch hands to catering parties and selling jams and cookies commercially, she’s a self-taught cook that has run the gamut of cooking, eating, and life as a whole.

Emily, the lucky youngster that grew up in such a delicious childhood (someone had to taste!), has been in the kitchen since a stool would let her see the counter top. Years of helping Donna in the kitchen as she grew up have left her with a knack for both cooking and baking. Now living in Atlanta after graduating from Auburn, she’s experienced some of the South’s most amazing food. A thirty-something immersed in the corporate world, her heart still very much lives in the kitchen. Where so many people find the thought of going home to make dinner after a full day in the office, Emily finds it completely therapeutic, always preferring trying a new recipe or making an old favorite to take out or delivery.

Our goal with Preserving Good Stock is just that, to sustain and share the great traditions, recipes, and celebrations that have been instilled in us by our friends and family along the way.



This is for you Mom….


20 thoughts on “Who are we?”

  • This is SO exciting! And the fact that your recipes are Pinnable makes it even better! #Pinterestjunkie Love you, Donna!

  • Speaking as one who has made the ” list” for delicious gift baskets and tasted Donna’s and Emily’s wonderful Thanksgivivg
    Feast, I can truly say we are in for a real treat! Thank you for sharing your gift for cooking.

  • Traditions seem to be a thing of the past with two family incomes needed in today’s generation. Thank you for keeping tradition and the importance of family around and alive by creating this blog and letting the world share in yours. My best memories have taken place in the kitchen or around the dining table. Food, like music, speaks many languages. You wonderful women are spectacular in all of them. Keep it going….I’ll be visiting often.

    • Thank you for your kind words! We are blessed to have so many memories shared in and around the kitchen. We hope our love of food and family provides an avenue to create special moments for you as well.

  • Donna, Caroline shared your linked with me. I have been thinking about you and have missed you at GKWC events. The site looks amazing. Take care.

    • So good to hear from you and miss seeing you but glad you found our blog! Hope to see you soon – Have a very, Merry Christmas!

  • Donna, I learn so much from you every time I see you. I love your demos at William Sonoma and just chatting with you. Your website looks great. So easy to follow and so delicious!! Thanks Donna!

    • Thanks for the kind words and thanks for following us! Look forward to seeing you at the next class!

  • I am so glad to have met you at Williams Sonoma for cooking classes! You are such a vibrant, beautiful lady and I love to listen and learn from you!
    I am really going to enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing with us! Love you, Glo

    • You are too kind! It was such a pleasure meeting you and hope you enjoy our blog! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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