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  • I’m making your caramel apple pie today. I had it at Linda’s and it was delicious! I do think there is an error in the pie crust. It calls for a tablespoon of milk and an egg though I don’t see that added in the directions. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Donna:

    I am so so impressed with your blog! The simplicity of the recipes take the intimidation out of cooking. The pics are making my mouth water! I can’t wait to try some of these. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such wisdom! I will be passing it on!!

  • Hi Donna! I was so pleased to meet you last night at William Sonoma! I am looking forward to making the Corn Chowder and the little BLT Biscuits. All of your recipes look delicious and I enjoy your photos! I love the fact that you and your daughter are “preserving” your family recipes and sharing them so others can enjoy! Watch out Barefoot Contessa ….. Donna is in town! Happy cooking!

    • I so enjoyed meeting you last night! Thank you for your kind words and hope you enjoy our blog. More to come as we have a lot to “preserve” and share – looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  • Donna, you are an amazing person and I think you have appeared in my life to begin the journey of my love for cooking on top of my love for good food and to “preserve” our historic culinary traditions, from Texas, Spain or everywhere.
    I will definitely try the pumpkin Chiffon Pie for Thanks Giving and I am sure it will be an incredible success.
    Looking forward to see you and cooking together soon!

    • It was such a pleasure having you in the class at Williams Sonoma and feel so blessed to have met you! If I can ever be of help with your journey in cooking please do not hesitate to ask – I’m always happy to share my Texas roots and recipes!

  • We spent the summers in northern Michigan where sweet cherries are plentiful. Could I substitute fresh sweet cherries for the canned cherries in the Cherry Quick Bread recipe?

    • Absolutely! The option of using canned cherries (not cherry pie filling!) is a quick substitute when sweet cherries our not available. Hope you enjoy!

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