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Raspberry Beer Cocktail

Raspberry Beer Cocktail

Emily and Matthew are always trying some of the most interesting recipes, including some fun cocktails. I admit the first time she shared this recipe with me my response was somewhat skeptical. Beer and vodka. Really? But this is in fact a light, bright beverage perfect for our warm spring days.

Raspberry lemonade, fresh raspberries plus a spike of beer and a splash of vodka – an interesting combination that will compete with any great Sangria.

You can plan ahead and mix the raspberry lemonade along with the vodka then chill until you’re ready to serve. For the beer, I used Blue Moon Belgian White – with it’s clear orange citrus notes this light ale pairs really well with the raspberry component.

Take a handful of ingredients, toss in some garnish and you’re minutes away from a pitcher of fun refreshing cocktails!

Raspberry Beer Cocktail

1 container frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate, 12-ounces

½ cup vodka

3-1/2 bottles of beer, 12 ounces each – 5-1/4 cups, well chilled

1 cup of fresh raspberries (frozen will work in a pinch!), plus extra for garnish

One or two lemons sliced, for garnish

One or two oranges slice, for garnish

Mix the frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate with the vodka in a large pitcher, stirring to blend well.

Slowly pour in the beer and stir to combine. It’s okay if it foams a bit, it will settle into the beverage.

Add the raspberries and toss in slices of orange and lemon.

To serve, add a lemon and orange slice to a highball glass, fill with ice. Pour the cocktail over the ice and top with a few extra raspberries!

Serves 6 generous portions!

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