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Autumn Cocktail

Autumn Cocktail

We’re starting to feel it. There’s a coolness in the early morning, kids are back in school and football season has started. Fall is around the corner and you can smell it in the air. When Emily and Matthew come to Texas for a visit, she and I hit the kitchen and we elect Matthew to tend bar for us. Several years ago he sprung this cocktail on us and it’s been in our collection ever since.

This cocktail is fall in a glass. The sweet crispness of apple paired with the intense fruity flavor of a bold bourbon, brightened by a splash of lemon. Simple, yet wonderful.

Just heard there’s a cold front on the way soon… Cocktails on the patio!

Autumn Cocktail

3 ounces good bourbon

6 ounces unfiltered apple juice

½ teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail mixer or shaker. Serve over ice.

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