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Hydrangeas, Bringing Seasonal Color Indoors!

Hydrangeas, Bringing Seasonal Color Indoors!

Looking to buy flowers this weekend? Check out hydrangeas. They are gorgeous displayed with a single stem or in clusters making them an affordable option with a lot of impact. Now commonly available in most markets, hydrangeas can be found in a range of colors.

Keeping flowers fresh for more than a few days can be a challenge and make you think twice before spending the money. Here’s an easy trick I learned years ago. You’ll want to buy flowers as fresh as possible, which is sometimes hard to tell if they are wrapped up in cello packages. Look at the leaves. If they are fresh and green you’re off to a good start. Now here’s the trick – hot water. Start by filling a vase with hot water then cut the stems at an angle under hot running water. You’ll want to change the water every 2-3 days repeating this same process.

Cut any flower or greenery stem at an angle to allow water to be absorbed, but cut the stems of hydrangeas under hot running water.

With this trick you can typically get 10 days to two weeks enjoyment out of them.

Ten days and still looking gorgeous!

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